Our Cycle Tours covers the most verdant parts of India, soaking in her ever-changing texture, unique terrains, you’re able to head off the beaten track and travel through villages spread out along the roads, capturing the real essence of rural India, pit-halt at stops with breath taking views and fascinating landscape.

The cultural diversity is immense. Nearly every main religion has followers who live here. Ride through the Himalayan region of Ladakh and Spiti where you can experience the Tibetan Buddhist culture. Rajasthan is full of ancient Moghul forts and palaces. The South has impressive Hindu temples and beaches.  Each area is marked by its own food, festivals and traditions. But it’s the ever-changing landscape that makes the country such a diverse place for cyclists, with something to suit all level of ability.

In the very north, India cycling tours include the challenging high altitude rides of the Himalaya, the highlight of which is the route from Manali to Leh it’s the highest rideable road in the world.  You will also find sleepy agricultural India, the rolling Aravalli hills and flat arid desert in Rajasthan.

Head south and the cycling trips can take you from the extravagant palaces of Mysore to the sandy beaches of Goa, along the tropical coast of Kerala.

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